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06:00 AM 08:00 AM Golden Eagle Practices  (Golden Eagle Practices) 
07:00 AM 09:00 AM Softball  (Rsrv_121629)  RECCT CT3
07:00 AM 09:00 AM Tennis  (Rsrv_121655)  RECCT CT1
08:00 AM 01:00 PM Admissions Academic Department Day  (Speech Pathology & Audiology)  GEMML 246, GEMML 248, GEMML 250/252
09:00 AM 10:00 AM BIOL 262 Pre Lab (Shannon Whitcomb)  (Rsrv_120294)  FRAME 208
09:00 AM 10:00 AM Intro to Functional Programming  (Continuing Education Class)   ** CANCELLED ** 
09:00 AM 01:00 PM Open Swim  (Open Swim)  TPGYM 147
11:15 AM 12:15 PM BIOL 262 Pre Lab (Shannon Whitcomb)  (Rsrv_120297)  FRAME 208
12:00 PM 01:00 PM Diane's Aerobics  (Noon Aerobics)  RECCT CT3
01:00 PM 03:30 PM MSA Weekly Meeting  (Meeting)  GEMML 152
02:00 PM 04:00 PM Sigma Phi Epsilon Standards Board  (Rsrv_121767) 
04:00 PM 09:00 PM Golden Eagle Practices  (Golden Eagle Practices)  TPGYM 100, TPGYM 225, TPGYM 226
06:00 PM 07:00 PM Clarion County YMCA Swimming - 2015  (Friday Practices)  TPGYM 147
06:30 PM 07:30 PM Zumba  (Zumba)  RECCT CT3
07:30 PM 09:00 PM Club Sport Time  (Club Sport Time)  RECCT CT3
08:00 PM 10:00 PM EFSN - Art Trivia Game Show  (Social Activity)  GEMML FOOD COURT

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